Tremough Campus
PA16/03323 Link to council website
Application Validated Fri 15 April 2016
Variation of condition 19 of application W2/PA08/01579/OM to allow an increase in the total number
of students enrolled on courses at the Penryn (formerly Tremough) Campus up to 7,500
​University Campus Penryn Penryn Campus Penryn Cornwall TR10 9FE

Status: Awaiting decision

At the formation of the Save Our Falmouth Group in March 2016, Councillor David Saunby advised us of the projected student growth in Falmouth and Penryn and the impending application to allow the increase of an additional 2500 students at Tremough Campus.

This shocked most of the group, because of the vast numbers involved, and the opinion
that community balance was already being lost. Also that in actual fact this was
not the whole picture because these figures did not include any students at the Woodlane
campus, which at that time had 1400 students with the capacity for approximately 2000.

So, Tremough Campus is not in Falmouth, but is having an effect on it, the Purpose Built Student Accommodation planning proposals would not be submitted if the Uni provided it's own accommodation successfully.
See the Save Our Falmouth Campaign of 2016 page
The planning application was considered at the Cornwall Council Strategic Planning Commitee Meeting on 5th January. Item 5.1 on the agenda. Please view the webcast of this meeting, link below.
After approx. 2 hours of speakers and debate the decision has been deferred until the March Meeting.

Cornwall Council Strategic Planning Commitee Meeting, 2nd March, 10.00am
Council Chamber, Cornwall Council, County Hall, Truro TR1 3AY
This application is item 5.1 on the agenda
(A live 
webcast of this meeting, can be viewed from the council website if you were unable to attend).

The agenda and reports can also be seen - see links below.

Please watch the webcast: this starts at 4 mins in, and finishes with voting at 1 hour 56 mins.
There were 8 in favour and 7 against, with 1 who abstained.

Link : Agenda for Meeting on 5th January
Link: PA16/03323 Case Officer Peter Bainbridge, notes recommending approval
Link: PA16/03323 Revised Student Numbers Document Dec 2016
How will this planning application effect Penryn and Falmouth. Will the benefits outway the negative effects?
How will this effect you?
What are your concerns? Housing, Parking, Traffic, Environmental, Community Balance?
To be able to make an informed decision it is imperitive to know the facts. But what are they?
Reports etc. have been added to this planning application through the year, but should this application be decided on facts and figures supplied by the applicant? (see the related documents tab, and click on the view associated documents to view).
Should independent analysis be used on such an important decision?

A Falmouth resident, Mr John Ellis, B.Sc. (Hons.) has viewed the available data from this application, comparing and cross referencing it with other sources of information. This has been distributed to the council and submitted on the planning application. (Links below).

Link: PA16/03323 Traffic information submitted to the application
Link: PA16/03323 Objection submitted to the application