Rosslyn Hotel
The planning inspector has decided to approve this planning application.
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DCLG ref: APP/D0840/W/17/3175637
An appeal has been made to the Department for Communities and Local Government in respect of the this planning application.

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I am also signing this letter as I have been a very interested supporter of ‘Save Our Falmouth’ (SOF) during the last 15 months. I really value the valuable work that they are doing to ensure that the character and community mix of our historic town is not further devalued by the inappropriate build of Purpose Built Student Accommodation blocks. We are a small town and the number of students actually living in the town as a proportion of the residents has become excessive. We feel their impact every day. 
The negotiations by the residents/ SOF with Cornwall Council and the Universities during the last 10 months that have resulted in an acceptable and responsible solution have been exceptional. I fully support the fact that the further requirements for student accommodation are provided near and around the Penryn Campus, through the mutually agreed PLAN-LED arrangements. The Universities have repeatedly stated that they now have sufficient allocation of accommodation. Rosslyn is NOT REQUIRED and it is not in the Cornwall Plan.  

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Rosslyn Hotel
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At the beginning of May, 2017 the site has been put up for sale with
Miller Commercial - "Prominent Development Site For Sale In Falmouth"

PA16/03586 Link to council website
Application Validated Fri 20 May 2016
Redevelopment of the former Rosslyn Hotel site for 128 managed student bed spaces, ancillary accommodation and associated works, landscaping and vehicular access
Rosslyn 110 Kimberley Park Road Falmouth Cornwall TR11 2JJ

Status: Wed 29th March - Decision Refused

The case officer has refused this application.
Link to the refusal notice:!AsWaaXHNjoLJqUYqFByj-Tb50sI9

Revised plans have been submitted on 13th December.

You must send in your objections again,
to the County Council.

Objection submitted:
Refuse as the proposal was contrary to Policy HMO3 of the emerging Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan. The development would be over massing, obtrusive and visually harmful to the character of the area. There would be adverse impact upon neighbours with overlooking and loss of privacy of properties on Mayfield Road. Further the nearby junction with busy roads would exacerbate the hazards there, particularly with parked cars and the development would add to those congestions and parking problems.

Please download the leaflet on the right.
Reasons to object have been included (2 page document).
Are these revised plans significantly different to now be supported?

Mark Ball the Council Planning Case Officer for the Rosslyn, said that the developers were advised to consult with the design panel to discuss the proposed building and obtain advice. I believe this was done and that the developers are now deciding their next move. We could hear at any time what has been decided.


At our public meeting on 27th September 2016, David Saunby, Town Councillor for Trescobeas War, read notes from the Case Officer's final summing up of the application:

'The applicant had made some changes to the original scheme to the Rosslyn Hotel, after objections by Falmouth Town Council's Planning Committee, but in the Case Officer's professional opinion, have not gone far enough to address the concerns raised, and this reinforces his concerns in this regard. In conclusion, the benefits of the scheme are understood principally in terms of providing purpose built student accommodation, to help meet the accommodation needs of the University and thereby potentially reducing demand for existing housing stock to be used for such a purpose, and redeveloping the site by replacing the existing entire building with a modern building of contemporary design.

However, whilst it is acknowledged that the previously approved scheme allowed building of a larger mass than the scale of the existing Rosslyn Hotel building, for the reasons explained above, it is considered that the current proposed building would result in adverse impacts on the character of the area over and above the impact caused by the previous approved scheme to an unacceptable degree.

Furthermore, whilst it is acknowledged that the approved scheme includes windows and balconies in its eastern elevation facing the properties on Mayfield Road, it is considered that the proposed scheme through the increased number of windows in its eastern elevation and additional storey that includes windows facing east, will result in harmful overlooking and loss of privacy for neighbouring properties to the east to an unacceptable degree. These issues, both individually and together mean I am unable to support the application. I do not consider that the above issues could be addressed by anything other than significant changes to the scheme that would need to be considered under a fresh planning application. Therefore, I am offering you the opportunity to withdraw the current application, by 20 September 2016, or otherwise I shall proceed to issue a refusal of planning permission under delegated powers. (That means that if they don't come back I can sign it off.)

In summary, the concerns I have about the scheme relate to the scale, massing, height and design of the building, its impact on the character of the area. I also have concerns on the impact of the development upon the immediate neighbours on Mayfield Road, principally in terms of overlooking due to the significant numbers of windows facing those neighbours. There is more specific detail given in my previous e-mail but these are the headline reasons why I do not support the scheme.'

Councillor Saunby added that he understood the case officer to be meeting with the applicant on the coming Thursday to discuss it. Councillor Saunby went on to say, but he feels strongly, I've spoken to him, and it isn't a case of removing a few windows and taking a bit off the corners. It's going to be a major re-design if they do it at all. So Councillor Saunby said that he felt strongly that the 1st battle had been won.

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Images show the revised plan (above) and (Below) the first proposal (side view from Mayfield Road, without the bungalows in front)