Register to comment online to a planning application
To be able to comment online to a planning application you need to register on the council website. This is simply and steps are shown below. Once you have registered you can continue to use  your login details in the future.
Link to council website: Login Page
This will show the Login page.
Click on the Login to website account, highlighted below in yellow.

This gives you options, click   Register, highlighted below right in yellow.
Click on the Sign Up button.
You then need to enter your details and create a password:
Email address, Password, Security Question (i.e. your oldest siblings name), Title, Forename, Surname, Telephone, Address.
Click on Create User.
See the images.
This will show the Registration complete window, but there is slightly more to do:
You will be sent an email to activate your account, click on the link (or copy and paste into your browser window).
​(shown in yellow in the image).
This will take you to the Account Verification window.
Please click Activate. (Highlighted below in yellow).
You should then see the message: Your account has been successfully activated
You can now go back to the Login Page, enter your email address and password.
See our webpage: How to comment on a planning application.
Link to council website: Login Page
Webpage: How to comment on a planning application