Reasons to object to a planning application

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Everyone may have very specific reasons why they may wish to object to a planning application, but a planning officer and council will only be able to refuse an application for valid planning reasons "material planning considerations" based on planning policy.

There are some key components to the planning system and how it works.
The National Planning Policy Framework.
This sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied. Councils will use this as guidance to produce their own local planning policy.

Link to the National Planning Policy website

There are several catagories within the document including:
1. Building a strong, competitive economy.
8. Promoting healthy communities
12. Conserving and enhancing the historic environment

With different reasons within each for example - 
7. Requiring good design, Paragraphs 56 to 68

56. The government attaches great importance to the design of the built environment. Good design is a key aspect of sustainable development, is indivisible from good planning, and should contribute positively to making places better for people.

Local planning authorities should consider using design codes where they could help deliver high quality outcomes. However, design policies should avoid unnecessary prescription or detail and should concentrate on guiding the overall scale, density, massing, height, landscape, layout, materials and access of new development in relation to neighbouring buildings and the local area more generally.

You then have the role of the local plan, this will set out the long-term strategy for the development of the area covered by each local planning authority.
The Cornwall Local Plan was formally adopted on 22 November 2016. It provides a positive and flexible overarching planning policy framework for Cornwall for the period up to 2030.

Link to the Cornwall Local Plan website

Sitting underneath the Cornwall Local Plan are area-based policies for the larger settlements, reflecting the specific character and needs of each place.  These are referred to as either Town Frameworks or Neighbourhood Plans.
Falmouth's Neigbourhood Plan 
The Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity for everyone in Falmouth to influence the decisions that will affect the town.
It can control the way that land is used for housing, business, shops and leisure. It could also protect green spaces and influence the design of buildings, tackle difficult issues and support the things that make Falmouth an exceptional place to live, work and visit.

Link to our webpage on the Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan

Before you comment it is worth doing some research.
Look through the documents relating to the specific planning application (related documents tab). Look at the plans in detail, along with any documents provided; tree surveys, travel plans, management plans etc.
There may be some objections which have already been submitted, do they include valid reasons to object to?
Some bullet points: noise, disturbance, overlooking & loss of privacy, nuisance, shading / loss of daylight points, bulk / massing, detailing and materials, over-bearing / out-of-scale or out of character in terms of appearance - these will need to backed up with specific detail on why they are included.

There are some really good websites to help with planning.
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