Fish Strand Hill behind HSBC
PA16/10836 Link to council website
Application Validated Wednesday 7th December 2016 

Purpose built student housing with a mixture of studio rooms/cluster rooms and town house rooms, associate spaces and staff office.
Land At Fish Strand Hill, Fish Strand Hill Falmouth Cornwall

Case Officer: Tim Marsh.

Determination Deadline: Wednesday 8th March 2017

116 student flats in a conservation area.

An appeal has been made to the Department for Communities and Local Government (Bristol).
DCLG ref: APP/D0840/W/17/3177902
Link to the appeal website Click Here
The deadline for comments is 7th September
Appeal Status: Appeal allowed
Decision Notice: Click Here

Any comments already made following the original application for planning
permission and any subsequent comments (unless they are expressly confidential), will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate and copied to the appellant, and will be taken into account by the Inspector in deciding the appeal.

If you wish to make further comments, or modify/withdraw your previous representation, you can do so online at
(You will need to set up a user account and login - our website shows how, click here).
Or you can send your comments to: The Planning Inspectorate, Ms Jagoda Bartkowiak, Room 3/04, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN.

A template letter of objection is available for you to use and adapt, click here.

Please - Falmouth needs your support:
The Rossyln Hotel Development has gone to Appeal.

Now this planning application and the Ocean Bowl 1st application.
Falmouth Coachworks is also expected.
Do you want to see the character of Falmouth changed forever?

This development is surplus to the requirements of the local universities - the increase is student numbers and their accommodation is being plan-led, near to the Tremough Campus in Penryn.

Thu 27 Apr 2017 - the application has been refused.
Click here to view the refusal notice.
Here is the beginning:
Policy 3 of the Cornwall Local Plan states that the delivery of growth in main
towns will be managed through site allocations in order to ensure that growth is
genuinely plan-led. The application site is not an allocated site for development
and the scale of the proposed development is so substantial that it is considered
that the granting of permission would prejudice the community-led
Neighbourhood Plan process by determining decisions about the scale and
location of new development in and around Falmouth. 

The 4th  Smithick Ward Residents Meeting will be held on a Tuesday 12th September, 2017.
7:30pm Emmanuel Baptish Church, Western Terrace, Falmouth. (Rear Hall).
All local and nearby residents welcome
Email: [email protected]
​Some history of the planning application:
In the 2nd week of January some revised plans have been added to this planning application. These can be identified by noting the dates of the planning documents.
Those who have already made a comment on the planning application will have receieved a letter of notification from the council. (See image and link).
Check the revisions that have been made and add to your original comment, e.g. These revised plans do not change my opinion, I still object on the same grounds.
Or you may add a note specific to any of the changes made.

Conservation Officers Comments to the revised plans:
These revised drawings do not address the issues I have raised in my consultant
response above. Some more fundamental changes in massing, a reduction in the
number o
f floors, and/or a spilt level design, changes in elevation, retention of
walls and a subdivision of the site to retention historic stone walls and boundary
walls should all be considered.

Monday 30th January, Falmouth Town Council Planning Meeting.

The council considered the revised proposals and refused.
The planning application reads:
Comment Date: Tue 31 Jan 2017
Whilst the Council recognised the site as suitable for development it recommends refusal of the application due to overdevelopment and loss of view from the highway at Fish Strand Quay and design not in keeping with the Conservation Area.

Monday 12th December, Falmouth Town Council Planning Meeting.
The council considered these proposals and refused. The planning application reads:
Comment Date: Wed 14 Dec 2016
Refuse due to overdevelopment and over massing and design and materials out of keeping with the Conservation area.


Please, if you do not want this development to go ahead, more objections are required, use the link above to the council website.

One of the views of the proposed development
We made the front page of the West Briton
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Well done everyone
Information leaflet, click link or image to download
Revised plans notice from the council
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