Mission Statement
To preserve the heritage , outstanding natural beauty
​and character of Falmouth and campaign for any expansion of the town to be without detriment to present and future residents of Falmouth and the surrounding areas.​​


To preserve the heritage, outstanding natural beauty and character of Falmouth.
To retain a working relationship between the Town, the Port and Resort of Falmouth in conjunction with the University of Falmouth and Exeter for the enjoyment of all, to include residents, visitors and businesses alike.


To Campaign for:
The expansion of Falmouth without detriment to the residents of Falmouth and the surrounding            areas.
Housing developments without detriment to future generations of Falmouth but sympathetic to           all residents.
. Article 4 to be implemented without delay and to raise awareness of the Neighbourhood Plan.
. New housing developments that addresses local housing needs and not Houses of Multiple                   Occupancy (HMO’s).
Sufficient services to be put in place to cope with expansion. i.e. Doctors, Hospitals, Police etc.

To continue to lobby decision makers and raise awareness amongst residents and visitors to highlight the impact of the University expansion on Falmouth, Penryn and Surrounding Areas. e.g. Member of Parliament, Cornwall and Falmouth Council members.

  Chair: Stuart Martin    
Joint Secretaries: Bob Hodges and Karin Saunders   Treasurer: Belinda Wells
Communications Manager: Pam Cowan

Founder Member: Councillor David Saunby